Hariyali Chicken

Medium Spicy dish

Recipe by Mrs. Anjali G. Rohra of

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    Half kg. chicken 4 Medium Size Onions Half bunch of Phudina (Mint Leaves) Half bunch coriander leaves Three Green Chillies Two cloves One inch cinnamon two green cardomom one tej patta 3 or 4 flakes garlic one inch ginger two teaspons dagadphool quarter teaspoon haldi powder one teaspoon lemon juice salt to taste 2 table spoon oil 1 table spoon butter


    1. Clean the chicken and boil it in one cup water.
    2. Put one teaspoon oil in kadai, heat the oil. Put tej patta , cloves, cinnamon, green cardomom,sliced onion,garlic and ginger and stir well till the color becomes golden brown.
    3. Add dagadphool. Leave it to cool.
    Method to make Hariyali Gravy:
    1. Put green coriander leaves , mint leaves , green chillies and haldi powder in mixer and grind to fine paste.
    2. Add the kadai mixture to mixer and grind again.
    3. Put 1 table spoon butter in frying pan and add above Hariyali Gravy and stir it for 5 mins. on medium flame.
    4. Add boiled chicken and stir for 2 mins. on medium flame.
    5. Add chicken stock and boil it for 10 mins. on slow flame.
    6. During serving give lemon juice topping ,fresh cream.



    What exactly is dagadphool? and also can you please post a pic of this dish , so that we know how it looks like


    What is dagadphool?