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Indian Cottage Cheese

Recipe by Lata Anand of Santa Clara, US

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • ½ Gallon (about 4 liters) of whole Milk
    • White vinegar (as much as needed) or Lemon juice (as much as needed)


    Don't try to make skimmed paneer using non-fat milk. Less fat in milk will give paneer a crumbling texture and will not hold into shape.


    1. Heat milk and stir constantly to prevent a layer of cream from forming on the top.
    2. Bring it to boil.
    3. Slowly add white vinegar or lemon juice. This sours the milk.
    4. If the milk does not curdle add a little more of vinegar or lemon juice.
    5. When the milk is completely curdled, strain it through a muslin cloth or a double layer of cheese cloth and squeeze out the whey (liquid).
    6. Hang to drip dry for 2-3 hours. Cut it into whatever shape you like.
    7. To store paneer for longer time, you can deep fry it to a brown and store in freezer in a freezer bag.


    Mita Chopra

    While the milk is boiling you can add one cup of curd & 1/2 cup malai & a little vinegar. The paneer comes out very soft. I use the whey for in kneading the dough for roti, making rasam, punjabi kadhi.

    Lata Anand

    Lata Anand

    yes you can use pasteurized/homogenized milk.


    Can you use pasteurized/homogenized milk from the the supermarket for this recipe?

    lakshmi srinivas

    lakshmi srinivas

    the whey that is cooled to room temp. can also be used for mixing atta instead of get very smooth dough with it.



    I can understand your concern in not wasting the whey. The whey has all the nutrients. I would use the whey for soups or the base of any daal/curry etc. Hope this helps.

    k v chandrasekaran

    can some one tell us what to do with the whey without wasting it


    you can also use curd to curdle milk as it will increase the quantity of paneer as well as make it softer too


    can i use this paneer to make palak paneer n can i store i the fridge without frying it?????? it in the frigde


    This method of making paneer is very good.. I can prepare paneer with this method. Even stiring of milk is also not necessory.