Baked Rajma

A spicy touch to a continental flavour

Recipe by sumita of

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 cup Rajma
    • 1 inch ginger cube minced
    • 1 inch garlic cube minced
    • 5-6 green chillies minced
    • 3 large tomatoes-chopped
    • salt to taste
    • 1/2 cup tomato sauce
    • 2 diced onion
    • 1 small piece cinammon
    • 3-4 cloves
    • 3-4 pepper corns
    • Butter/Oil,
    • ½ cup processed/mozerella cheese


    1. Soak Rajma overnite, Cook till little less than tender with 1 onion, garam masala and green chillies, ginger garlic minced.
    2. Pour oil in the pan, saute the onion till white in colour, add the chopped tomatoes, cook till tender, add salt, pepper powder and tomato sauce, stir for about 5 mins.
    3. Transfer contents in a baking dish, garnish with cheese and bake for about 20 mins at 200 degrees.
    4. Serve hot with bread


    Abhimanyu Khurana

    what is continental sauce? hw is it different from tomato sauce/ketch up