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Fish Kabab( a variation)

Spicy and Mouthwatering kababs

Recipe by christy gerald of Dubai, AE

Speedy easy way to soft n' spicy kabab. This can be had as a starter on special occassions.Post your comments after trying this fish kabab.

Ingredients non vegetarian 1 servings

    • 16 pieces fish (any fish of your choice .clean and cut them into small pieces)
    • 1 onion, sliced, fried and coarsely ground
    • 2 tsp galic - garlic paste- (fresh)
    • 1 tsp garam masala
    • 12 red chilli powder (ground)
    • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
    • salt - to taste
    • 2 tbsp plain yoghurt
    • refined oil or butter - to brush on fish pieces
    • 4 wooden skewers


    1. Clean the fish, cut into boneless pieces. rub them with salt+ turmeric powder(1tsp) + yoghurt(1tbsp).keep aside for 5 mins and then clean with water.
    2.  Marinate the cleaned fish for an hour with the remaining yoghurt (1tbsp)+salt + a pinch of turmeric powder,garam masala,ground red chiilies, ginger -garlic paste and fried onion paste.
    3. soak the skewers in water for a minute and skew the marinated fish pieces (4 each), brush oil or butter on fish pieces and grill them till brown and brush the oil or butter half-the-way..
    4. Take them off the skewers and serve them hot with tooth picks inserted on them.


    christy gerald

    christy gerald

    Hi Mrs.Roy!,u can try this recipe with Seer or king fish, Pomfret,Hamour,Baracuda ,Salmon,etc,(but make sure to peel the skin and cut them into 1 3/4 inch size boneless pieces).Hope this helps.U can add 1 tsp vinegar - this makes the fish pieces little softer when done.

    Mrs. Sreeanka Roy

    Thanx..its an easy & a luvly recipe..but can u plz tell me which kind of boneless fish?