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Hi Everyone,I'm a homemaker .I'm posting good recipes that I have tasted and tested so far.Hope U would like to try them at home.I have noted that them microwave Cooking time differs even by 2-3 minutes - in different models. Please, try your Manual timings- if my quoted timings went wrong.Visit my Foodblog Cooking at home!.Enjoy Delicious Life!.

Caramalized Noodles

Deep fried noodles coated with sugar syrup

Can u make a sweet at home in 5 mins time.This could be one creative option for the sweet. It tastes so Good and U barely need 5-6 mins to give it a try.

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Mixed Veg Masala Stuffed Chapati

Chapatis done with mixed Veg masala stuffing inside

Always remember that U shd prepare the Veg masala stuffing as dry as possible and without much oil.U canalso prepare Chapatis with stuffed chicken or stuffed Aloo(potato)-replacing those ingredients with Mixed vegetables in this recipe.Just cook with the boiled and shredded chicken pieces instead of mixed vegs.Try this recipe with Mushroom and capsicum masala stuffing -which also has a terrific taste.If u were not able to spend time spreading the stuffing inside,just add the stuffing to the dough - knead it for a min more and then spread the chapatis or u can roll it with Mixed Veg masala inside after plain chapatis are done.Its upto You.Try this at home and Enjoy!.Bon Appetit!.

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Instant Noodles Fry (Spicy)

Instant Noodles Fry - Noodles deep-fried with spices

I got this Recipe Idea when I was frying the Noodles for American Chopsuey at home.U can try this recipe when u r in no mood to spend time in the Kitchen but in need of a snack in few mins time.I found it tastier than the Rice or Maida Murukku(Tamilian Snack Item) and if u try this even spicier U can have it as a side-dish for Sambar or Kara Kuzhambu .U just need to spend 7 mins in the Kitchen for the dish.Enjoy Ur evenings with this Spicy Noodles.

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Thai Fried Rice

Fried Rice in Thai style

Though Chinese Fried Rice is our fav. Rice,try this Thai flavoured Rice for a change and become a fan of it.It is easy to try at home.Enjoy!.

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Stuffed Potato Masala

Stuffed Potatoes done with cashew paste masala.

U can try this Stuffed masala with Boiled Egg,Capsicum and Tomatoes too.Happy cooking!.

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Pasta Jalfrezi

Pasta done in Curry style

This tasty Curry-style Pasta can easily be tried at home .Happy cooking!.

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Hotel Fish Fry Recipe

This is the way the Fish-fry is done in Hotels

This Fish-fry is done in hotels here in Chennai.U can even deep-fry Egg slices, chicken pieces,Cauliflower florets,Paneer pieces,Bhindhi, Capsicum,cabbage and bread slices using the masala for the marination.

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Basil Chicken Curry

Chicken pieces cooked in spicy Basil Masala

The basil is the queen of herbs,having a high medicinal value.This chicken Curry is becoming famous here in Tamil Nadu and can be taken with rice,indian breads,etc.Done in 25mins atleast.Try at home and enjoy the goodness of basil even with Chicken Curry.

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Chicken Supreme Burger

Burger done with Chicken,Egg,Cheese etc.

This burger is simply rich in taste,a filling delight as well as light on ur stomach.U can have everything U need in a burger,if u try Burger this way. U can have it anytime-from breakfast to dinner.Enjoy!.(The Pic displays a simple burger only).

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Mild 'n' Spicy Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers done with spices and herbs added

U can have it alone or with ketchup of ur choice or with rice and sambar or as a filling for chapathi wraps with other spices.Simply delicious to have at tea-time too.Similarly, u can try this recipe with chicken also.Try this at home and enjoy!.

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