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chocolate biscuit bars.

Recipe by rabz of Dhaka, BD

This is a very easy quick snack.

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 24 rectangular plain biscuits.
    • 12 tbsp chocolate spread.
    • Chocolate sauce:
    • 1 c milk
    • 2 tbsp corn flour + 2 tbsp water
    • 2 tbsp coco powder
    • 1/2 c sugar
    • 1 tsp vanilla
    • 1/4 cup cocoa powder or  1/4 cup roasted slivered almond


    1. For chocolate sauce: combine milk, sugar ,coco & Vanilla in a pot & bring to boil over fire .
    2. once it boils pour  the corn flour mixture & stir so tat no lumps form. Allow to thicken & remove from heat to cool.
    3. Take each biscuit & spread a tbsp of chocolate spread on it , cover it with another biscuit and make a sandwich.
    4. Cut the biscuit into triangle shape ( like a sandwich) with a sharp knife making sure it does not break.
    5. Now dip each  biscuit triangles in chocolate sauce then in roasted almond or coco powder.
    6. Put on a serving plate & serve for tea.



    hey rabz, i jst wanna knw what is spread chocolate


    just what new cooks like us need, Thank you very much.