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Vallary Dosa

Also known as Mooghe dosa in south .very tasty one for morning breakfast

Recipe by Ritika.R.Kamath of Dubai, AE

Vallary is very cooling for the system.4 this hot summer it is very gud 4 health.This dosa is both sweet and sour and tastes yummy.U do not even require chutney for this as it is sweet and can have as it is .This dosa is generally eaten with honey.Try it out.Dosa lovers vl like this taste for sure.This dosa is named as "Moghe polo" in south .

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 cup Raw rice
    • 1/2 tsp methi
    • 1/2 cup coconut
    • 2 cups vallary cut into cubes
    • 1/2 cup jaggery
    •  salt as per taste
    • oil as per requirement


    1. wash and soak rice and methi for 3-4 hrs
    2. In a blender grind all the ingredients together except jaggery and salt.
    3. If require u can add little water while grinding , as vallary has water content in it and that would suffice to grind the rice .
    4. The consistency of the batter is that of Idli .
    5. Pour the blended mixture in a bowl add salt and jaggery .Mix it well and leave it overnight for fermentation at room temperature.
    6. In a dosa tawa , put a 1/2 tsp oil and pour a laddle of dosa batter .put a tsp of oil over it .cover it and cook on a medium heat.Do not spread it like other dosas . If required u can just lightly spread it.
    7. after a min or 2 remove the lid and check whether it is cooked .remove it from tawa and serve hot.No need to cook  dosa on other side .


    jean chaurasia

    this sounds good and I must try it. I always ignored this vegetable when I saw it in the market.


    It's my pleasure, dear Ritika. Just noticed quite a few textual errors in the posting that might have occured due to hurried typing and ignored proof reading, for which, I now beg readers' pardon.


    Thanks shwetha 4 letting lavanya know the details of vallary.Hope lavanya , this details has helped you!!

    lavanya shastry

    wow that was great


    Vallary is 'Coloured cucumber'[a colloquial name], which is grown in down south and costal areas of India. I have now forgotten it's Botanical name and English equivalency, though. In kannada we call it as Soute kaayi, or magghe kai. This initially green colured gourd-like vegetable belongs to the family of cucumbers, but looks yellow and orange when it gets ready to use, and can be preserved for months if stored in open, hunging fashion. This is not a salad friendly vegetable, hence not used in salads. It's usage is made while preparing some curry accompaniments such as saambaar, koddel, huli, kozhambu and some times added in dry fish-prawns curries, too. It is also used in the preparation of sweet Idlies, dosas, paayasa [kheer], haalu baayi [ a kind of desert, prepared using rice-wheat flour, cooked along with water, coconut milk, cardamom and sweetners in to a thick porridge like consistency, and then, poured into a wide plate to set and cool, before consuming], etc.

    lavanya shastry

    i don't know what vallery may b but still i vote it. though i request u to try chala pongralu becoz i knw it that this one would b softer than vallery . hope u don't mind . n great u r konkani means wow


    Hey Lavanya! Ur chala pongralu dish doesnt have vallary in it right ?


    Thanks vicky .now u can try this .@lavanya , v call it as moghe polo , coz., vallary is called as moghe in konkani and polo as dosa .


    I love these in our home town we also call them chaval ke roti.I was looking for this recipe thank you.

    lavanya shastry

    this dish is called as chala pongralu in andhra pradesh