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Malai Peda

Recipe by Saleem Ahmed of Karachi, PK

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 1 tbsp corn flour
    • 1½ cup milk
    • 400 gm sweetened condensed milk
    • 1/4 tbsp citric acid
    • 1 tbsp elaichi powder
    • 1 tbsp Butter / Ghee
    • few drops of yellow color


    1. Dissolve condensed milk, milk and citric acid in water.
    2. Heat ghee and add above mixture and cook until it curdle.
    3. Make paste of corn flour in 2 tbsp water then add into mixture after curdle.
    4. Cook slow or medium heat until mixture leaves the side of pan.
    5. Add color and mix well.
    6. Take our in a dish and shape into round Pedas.
    7. Decorate with Elaichi powder.


    Saleem Ahmed

    u need water as much as u need to desolve.



    Assalamualaikum saleem bhai. nice recipe, but how much water?

    lavanya shastry

    how much of water