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Quickie Chicken

If you don't have time and need a tasty dish,you can try this one out...

Does not involve too many ingredients...and is mouth watering too...No need to add water as onions release lot of water on cooking.

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Coconut-khoya paratha

paratha with coconut-khoya stuffing

An unusual dessert.

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Honey Chilli Potato

Served as starter.

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Low Spice Sweet and Tangy Potato

A different and easy way to cook potatoes.

The fragrance of curry leaves will drive you krazzy!!!!Can also be used for filling masala dosa and parathas.

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Fresh limesoda

a treat for those hot summer months

Cool drink for family and guests.

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Kashmiri Kehwa

A delightful variation from the everyday tea and coffee

Easy to make. Your husband will love its fragrance. Guaranteed

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Swiss Omelette

A variation from the regular omelette

A mouth watering pizza style omelette.Good for all occasions.Kids will love it for sure.

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Spicy eggplant salad

fried/roasted eggplant slices

Slices of eggplant marinated and fried/roasted

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