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Rambuttan Milk Shake


Recipe by rajeswari of pune, IN

delicious sweety,juicy rambuttan.instead of elaichi powder,nutmeg powder can also be used.

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 6 nos. Srilanka Rambuttan
    • 250 g Cold Milk
    • 4 tsp Sugar
    • ½ tsp Elaichi powder


    1. Peel the rough skin of the rambuttan at the top with the knife. Remove the seed.
    2. Cut the soft layered them into pieces.
    3. Blend them well with sugar,elaichi powder & milk.
    4. Pour the rambuttan shake into the glass.

    Note: keep the rambuttan in the fridge,it will be easy to cut. sugar depends on the sweetness of rambuttan.




    for milk 250 g = 250 ml

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