Fruits-Bikis Icecream Desert

Yummy Blend of fruits,biscuits and Icecream

Recipe by christy gerald of Dubai, AE

This is one of my family's desert.Really yummy.The author of this recipe is my father.Try this at home and enjoy.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 10 Milk Bikis
    • 10 Marie Biscuits
    • 1 ripe banana - cut into fine pieces
    • 6 jack fruits pieces-deseeded and chopped fine
    • 1 apple -peeled and chopped fine
    • 15 dates- 10 deseeded and 5 chopped fine
    • 10 raisins
    • 10 cashewnuts - crushed
    • 250 ml low fat milk
    • 250ml condensed milk
    • 2 tbsp horlicks powder
    • 200gm vanilla or butterscotch or mango icecream
    • 2 tbsp cadburys milk chocholate flakes
    • 2 tbsp sugar
    • 2 tbsp honey
    • few wafers


    1. Grind 6 milk bikis,10 marie biscuits,2 tbsp horlicks,1/2 banana pieces,3/4 apple pieces,10 dates,4 jackfruit pieces,100 gm vanilla or any icecream,200 ml condensed milk,250 ml Low fat milk,1 tbsp cadburys flakes and sugar in to a coarse mixture using a blender.
    2. Gather the remaining 4 milk bikis and crush them.Add this to the remaining fruits mix and nuts and raisins.
    3. Take 4 Desert bowls and place 2-3tbsp biscuit-fruit mix on each bowl and add the blended bikis-fruits mix over it.
    4. Place 1 scoop Icecream on top of each desert bowl and decorate this icecream with honey,cadburys flakes,nuts and raisins.Insert 2-3 wafers on top.
    5. Refrigerate this for 15 mins.Serve this chilled.



    Wonderful desert . Loaded wid all my favourite Ingredients . Ice Cream , Nuts , Condensed Milk , Cadbury flakes . Hmmm ! Wat more can I ask for ? Will try out dis Weekend . Thank U .

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