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Andhra Tomato curry

My fav Veg recipe

Very tasty with piping hot rice

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hyderabadi chicken dum ka biryani

authentic hyderabadi biryani, very elaborate but sinfully tasty.

very tasty original hyderabadi biryani

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Vankaya kura

Eggplant curry

Very very tasty curry, tastes best with piping hot rice. I am giving simplified my own style which tastes better than the original and authentic dish

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Andhra fish fry

owesome fare

It can be a great mid afternoon snack or a side dish. Simply superb and irresistable

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Mexican omlette

ideal break fast

very delicious when done well

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Veg frankie

a very tasty mid aft meal

Very Yummy snack, u just cant stop with one...

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Kobbari vundalu

traditional coastal andhra recipe

can be eaten as snacks or dessert. Very delicious dish, You cant just eat one.

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Mushroom Potato Masala

simple and tasty

Very simple Yet Very Tasty

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Mutton curry with lemon juice

very tasty

A bit elaborate but it is worth

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Andhra chicken fry

very easy and yummy

very tasty curry with literally no ingredients. tastes best with hot rice.

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