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I mostly love barbecue and indian cuisine is one of my most favorite

Tres Leche Cake

The cake is loved by everyone at my house because it is very moist and loaded with milky goodness.

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Lilva Curry

Pigeon peas curried style

Pigeon peas (tuvar/arhar) was very popular beans in Gujarati cooking. It is available in frozen form outside india.

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Red Curry Paste

Thai curry mix

Red curry paste can be prepared ahead of time and is very handy in preparing some thai dishes quickly. This is a vegetarian version.

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Browned Garlic mint chutney

Garlic flavored dip

Adapted from Sanjiv kapoor's recipe

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Pudina Paneer

Minty Cheese Dish

Cooking the same style of paneer can be very boring. This new dish will help you use the same ingredients in completely new way and surprise your family.

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Mirchi Chutney

Hot Yogurt Dip

This is a simple hot chutney that everybody will love dipping their chips in.

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Murgh Mirchi

Chicken dish with green chillies

Stuffed Green chilies dish. You must select milder chilies for this dish otherwise the recipe will turn out to be really hot.

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Karahi Paneer

Cottage cheese curry

A very popular restaurant dish that you can make at home.

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Chipotle Shrimp

A quick and tasty shrimp sidedish

This is a quick and easy dish of shrimp sauteed in a spicy sauce of butter, garlic, Tequila, and chipotle chiles. Serve over steamed rice

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Pad Thai

Thai style stir fry rice noodles

Hands-down the MOST popular Thai dish known to mankind. It is served in almost every Thai restaurant.

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