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Dosa Batter

Recipe by Mrs.Soujanya Hariprasad of Santa Clara, US

Most north indians struggle with making a perfect Dosa batter. This recipe will probably help you make tasty & crisp dosas at home

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1½ cup Rice
    • ¾ cup Urad dal
    • ½ cup Thick Poha
    • Salt to taste
    • 3 tsp Methi seeds


    1.  Soak Rice, Poha & Methi seeds with warm water for about 6-7 hrs.
    2.  Soak dal with warm water for about 4-5 hrs.
    3.  Grind Rice, Poha & Methi mixture to a fine paste & keep aside.
    4.  Grind Urad dal seperately to a fine paste.
    5.  Mix well both the paste. Add Salt & mix again for 4-5 times.
    6.  Keep the mixture in a warm place for fermentation. Best is overnight.
    7.  Before making dosa, once again mix the batter well 2-3 times
    NOTE: Donot add too much water while grinding. The batter should be slightly thick. Water can be added to the batter before making the dosa.


    Nishat Anjum

    coconut chutni always tastes best with dosas.


    This is a wonderful recipe. Would like to comment on a previous query. The skillet used for making dosa’s ideally should not be used for any other cooking purpose. This will help the dosa’s come out prefect every time and prevent sticking. Also, poha is flat beaten rice called in my language malayalam as 'aval'. Any south indian shop would have it. I think in Hindi its called pauwa. Ciao

    jean chaurasia

    Hi Bharvi, if you want a crisp dosa try this method. Peel and cut an onion in half. Stick a fork in it and dip in oil and rub this on the tava before ladling the dosa batter. Let me know how this turns out. my email


    Hi ! Your dosa recipe is gud . Thank U .


    i use the same recipe for dosa. i just add cooked rice instead of poha n add a tsp of chana dal it tastes gd. but i ve a problem my dosas r not crispy enough. the batter sticks to ladle n even if i manage to make a thin dosa it sticks to tava. any idea y? (i use non stick tava n move onion over it b4 pouring the batter. plz guide. thanx

    saima zafaR

    4 5 times with hand or an electronic beater



    Many years ago i ate a dosa in a restuarent there is mash potatoes inside the dosa and serve with a peanuts sauce, the taste was amazing, now problem is that in karachi pplz dont know how 2 cook dosa infact they dont know what is dosa thats why i want u guys plz share the recipe of dosa with potatoes and peanut suace. thx


    i as a north indian face alot of problem in making dosa. but this recipe seems to be the simplest and i will try tomorrow. yes instead of poha we can try sabudana coz it will make it more crispy.

    Anita Kanwar

    Thanks for recipe.My children will love to eat dosa at home.


    Poha is nothing but flat rice.If u still do not understand this ,go 2 google & make a search on images over there. You will be able to see poha or cheoora.

    r mohajir

    Poha is flat beaten rice or what is used to make chivda( not sure about the spelling though) . Maharastrians use a lot of poha . it is white & available in all supermarkets .However cooked white rice a small bowl full added while grinding the dosa batter gives you crisp & golden brown dosas .



    for Ms.Sushmitha,instead of poha u can soak 2 tsp sabudhana (marati) or jevarusi (tamil) or sago in english .soak with rice itself. for Ms.Renu,Poha makes soft.for idlis poha makes puffy.for dosas sabudhana works out crispier and comes like hotel dosa. for Ms.Sarita, Poha means beaten rice.

    Annapurna Shalgar

    Add 1/4 cup of chana daal, the dosas becomes more crispy and tasty. As per me poha makes dosa litlle soft better to go for cooked rice.

    Sushila Acharjya

    Sir I liked your recipe. But I could not understand the meaning of the word "POHA'


    what is poha

    Rainuka Dutta

    Thanks for, such an easy and tasty recipe. My family, definitely, will enjoy your Dosa recipe.

    Neeta Rabara

    I have tried toor dal, channa dal, and masoor dal it works great. But i don't know the poha.


    instead of poha we can use cooked left over gives nice colour to the dosa (golden).


    Hey i normally make dosa's it come out good, but this time i tried to make dosa ur way and it really turned out great very crispy, when the batter rises up properly i feel very happy as i know then that the dosa's are gona be perpect, thnks for sharing ur recipe.


    Instead of Poha we can add little cooked rice while grinding the urad dal and rice mixture. It makes the dosas brown and crisp.

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