Sooji Lauz

A rich delicious sweet

Recipe by r mohajir of Hyderabad, IN

Can be made during festivals

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 200 gms Rava 
    • 400 gms Khoya
    • 600 gms Sugar powdered (or to taste)
    • 100-150 gms Almonds or cashewnuts ( coarsely ground)
    • 50 gms Pure Ghee
    • Saffron -a little ground with sugar
    • Milk -enough to soak the sooji in .Approx a cup


    1. Soak the sooji in milk and leave for a while .
    2. Crumble the khoa nicely till its soft & no lumps are there .
    3. Add the powdered sugar ,ghee ,saffron ,khoa & almond or cashewnuts to the sooji soaked in milk .Mix well.
    4. Leave for a while , stirr till the whole mixture is homogenous .
    5. Bake in a moderately hot oven till its brown on the top .Takes 1/2 hour to a maximum of 45 minutes .
    6. check with a knife or tooth pick if done. After it cools down cut into diamond shapes.
    7. The mixture has to be mixed well otherwise the sugar will form a crust on the top .


    r mohajir

    This recipe of sooji lauz is one that only has to be baked .It will turn out different if it is cooked in any other way .


    i would like to know how to cook in case we dont have an oven

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