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Quick Nutricious Snack

Tasty and nutricious and quick 2 prepare

Recipe by Dr Razia Abbas Noorani of Dammam, SA

This recipe was invented by my husband when he used to look after the kids! Might seem a bit confusing in the end. But when you try it, you'll see what i mean!

Ingredients non vegetarian 1 servings

    • 2 minute Maggi Noodles, 1 packet (preferably chicken or vegetable flavor)
    • 1 Egg
    • Pre - boiled chick peas (kabuli chana) and/or corn
    • Water, as per requirement
    • Papad - roasted - for garnish - optional
    • Coriander - for garnish


    1. Boil the noodles in the recommended way WITHOUT the flavoring. Drain any excess water.
    2. Now mix enough water and the flavoring and bring to boil on slow flame.
    3. While the water boils, beat the egg until frothy.
    4. Add this beaten egg to the water. Continue boiling over slow flame until the egg becomes grainy.
    5. Now to this add the chick and/or corn.
    6. Mix well. Now add the noodles.
    7. Garnish with coriander and roased papad. Serve hot.