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Yellow Moong dal Paratha

A different paratha !!! try it !!! n u will know it!!

Recipe by Jaya of Dubai, AE

This is a different type of paratha made only at rare homes........

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

              For the stuffing

    • 2 cups of yellow moong dal
    • a pinch of turmeric powder
    • salt, to taste
    • corriander leaves (as required
    • 2 chopped green chillies
    • red chilly powder, 1/4 tspn
    • 1/4 tsp black pepper

                   For the dough

    • 2 bowls of wheat flour
    • salt, to taste


    For stuffing

    1. Soak the dal for half an hour and wash it.
    2. Add 3 cups of water and boil it adding salt and turmeric powder.
    3. The yellow moong dal should be cooked like rice. (yellow moong dal should become soft and should not stick to each other)
    4. Remove the dal in a wide plate, spread and allow it to cool.
    5. Add the green chilly, red chilly powder, and black pepper and corriender leaves (quantity as required) .
    6. Mix it well

    For the Dough

    1. Take wheat flour in a big bowl.
    2. Add salt and water, make a dough ( as it is made for making plain chapati ).
    3. Take a small ball and make it in the shape of a small chapati.
    4. Add the stuffing in the centre and wrap it and press it.
    5. Then again make it in thin chapati shape.
    6. Then prepare it as roti on tawa.
    7. Serve it with curds or with a glass of lassi malai mar ke.




    sohail mohsin

    zabar dast receipe


    yes monika indeed these parathas r tasty

    monika bhati

    it is a wonderful recipe... easy to make n best of all is my husband doesny like moong dal but he loved these paranthas..... superb....