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Kochu shhak deye illisher matha

Hilsha fish and head cooked with arum

Recipe by srabani sinha of kolkata, IN

What a finger licking mouthwatering dish

Ingredients non vegetarian 2 servings

    • Kochu Shag. (preferably blackish. After peeling fiber the color will turn greenish)
    • Hilsha head and pieces.
    • Garlic paste.  I tbsp
    • Red chili powder or green chili.  1 tbsp
    • Salt to taste.
    • Turmeric powder.
    • Panch foron  ( ani seed, cumin seed, black cumin, fenugreek seed and mustard seed) (aka paanch phutan)
    • Mustard Oil to cook


    1. Cut kochu in moderately long strips and take out fibrous skin. Wash properly and boil with water and little salt till stems turn soft. Put them in a perforated dish to drain out water.
    2. Wash fish pieces and head properly. Sprinkle turmeric powder and salt and mix in it.
    3. Make a paste of garlic.
    4.  Heat oil in a karai (preferably non stick).
    5. Fry fish head and pieces in medium heat.
    6. Take out fish pieces from karai leaving heads in the karai.
    7. Keep fried fish pieces aside for garnishing.
    8. Now add little more oil in the karai because most of the oil absorbed while frying the pieces.
    9. Add panch foron and wait till seeds crackle.
    10. Put the fire slow
    11. Add garlic paste.
    12. Turmeric powder
    13. Chili powder or slit green chili.
    14. Add salt to taste.
    15. Stir and mix the spice powder with fish head and garlic.
    16. Add steamed kochu shag and mix with all spices.
    17. Keep stirring some time in high flame or medium.
    18. Crush head and mix all together.
    19. Continue stirring till the mixture turn absolutely dry and look blackish.
    20. Remove from fire.
    21. Garnish with fried hilsa pieces.


    Sumana Zachariah

    Sumana Zachariah

    yum yum yum!!!!