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Arabian Delight Ice cream

Three fine flavoured Icecream with fruits,jelly and honey toppings

Recipe by christy gerald of Dubai, AE

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 500 ml vanilla Ice cream
    • 500 ml butteerscotch Ice cream
    • 500 ml Pista Icream
    • 50 ml honey
    • 2 tsp crushed strawberry jelly
    • 6 no.s cherries
    • 1 tbsp icecream toppings or (roast 2 tsp crushed jaggery with 1 tbsp sugar and add cashew nuts,pistachio and almonds and mix well)
    • 1 cup tropical fruit salad - with papaya,mango,pineapple etc


    1. Take 6 icecream bowl ,put 2 spoons of tropical fruit salads,then add 1 scoop of vanilla icecream,1 scoop of butterscotch icecream,1 scoop of pista icecream.
    2. Add crushed jellys and honey toppings over it.
    3. Put the cherry in the centre and sprinkle sugar coated crushed nuts over it.
    4. Refrigerate(in freezer) for 15 mins and serve chilled.
    5. You will love it.


    Mr Shah

    very unique and interesting. Thanks for sharing.